Concept Co-Working Space

Welcome to the 'Bright Orange Concept,' a groundbreaking interior design project tailored for the first campus of a newly established rural university. This commercial fit-out goes beyond aesthetics – it's a deliberate fusion of aspiration and functionality, transforming spaces into havens for dedicated study and self-discovery.

Drawing inspiration from the nearby Taree Bridge, our concept embraces bold colors and geometric lines, mirroring the iron structure's harsh yet captivating form. The design is not just aspirational but also highly functional, reflecting the dynamic spirit of the academic pursuits within. This innovative approach not only pays homage to the surroundings but also infuses the campus with a dynamic spirit, culture was a big focus throughout the design.

The campus, a fusion of three buildings built over different periods, now seamlessly coexists as one. This architectural amalgamation posed a unique challenge, inspiring a meticulous consideration of DDA compliance to ensure an inclusive and accessible workspace for everyone.Step inside and witness a space designed to transcend conventional learning environments. The 'Bright Orange Concept' encourages a spirit of exploration, providing students with an environment that sparks creativity and intellectual growth. Every corner is thoughtfully crafted to serve as a catalyst for collaboration and focused study.

Join us in celebrating the fusion of history and modernity, where the echoes of the past resonate with the aspirations of the future. The 'Bright Orange Concept' is more than a design; it's an aspirational space which reflects the Universities commitment to fostering an inclusive, vibrant, and hopeful academic community. Welcome to a campus where bold design meets boundless potential.