Nave Residence

The architecture and interior design of this family home are tailored to meet the specific needs of its occupants. TVS received a comprehensive brief from the client, presenting certain challenges that, in turn, opened avenues for creative design solutions.

The full open plan kitchen and living area is the centre point of energy for the family which helped to inform subsequent spatial arrangements, all derived from that point. The kitchen operates as the social spine of the home as it plays host to the formal and informal gatherings that underpin the family home. Designed accordingly, an expansive island bench serviced from both sides to a hidden butler’s pantry and open plan connection to surrounding living areas, the kitchen brings the family together and provides a functional space for entertaining. The design makes use of the high roof pitch and raked ceilings to include a functional mezzanine/loft space over the living areas.

The bathrooms were refined and simple with a touch of mystery achieved through the finishes and understated fixtures. The internal materials palette brings a simplicity and consistency throughout the home whilst making best use of resources to create a truly beautiful and timeless result, unaffiliated with passing design trends. The importance of storage was emphasised, with every opportunity maximised to increase the volume.

Working within a budget, the design team worked closely with the clients to ensure the project remained feasible.