A residential tower rising up to the sea air. Its metaphoric shape formed by the prevailing coastal sea breeze, hollowing out sheltered habitats that push towards the sea view, infusing humanity with nature. The tower is situated on the beachside strip of land east of the Gold Coast Highway. There is a direct tangible relationship to the coastal dune, beach and ocean. The patterning and form of this coastal environment with its wind and wave shaped features, provides inspiration for the building’s design.

As in life, the fluidity of this building will bring a more humanistic feel to the built form at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast. The project aims to develop an exemplary urban design outcome of high quality architecture. Tailored to the needs and lifestyle of residents within the context of the natural and built environment, community and council requirements, the design fulfils the client’s vision.

The development draws inspiration from its coastal location. Inspired by the shifting coastal dunes, the form is articulated by the dynamic shifting of curved balcony forms. The rhythm of movement up the facade is designed in response to the curved shapes created by the erosion of wind on sand. Soft patterns and changing light and shade result. A single level podium is designed to accommodate services rooms, a manager’s unit and to conceal the ground floor carparking. It is sculpted to extend the ground plan up and around the tower, much the same way as wind will drive sand behind a solid element on a beach. The low corner podium element is cut by desire lines of entry for pedestrian access, cut through the rising ground plane, responding to the corner position and creating semi-public landscaped spaces.