Concept Private Members Bar

The concept development of an intimate bar in a private club in Melbourne. This devilish delight is a confidential project for a luxurious mens club in inner city Melbourne. The design is one for the senses. The woody notes of fresh timber veneer are subtle enough to be perceived by the most delicate nodes of your olfactory sensors. The notes mature as you walk through the room, complimented by the sandwood oud that oozes out of the integrated diffusors... Of course, you would never know that they were there unless you were let in on the secret, (something that the interior designer picked up on one of her trips to the Santa Maria).

The narrative that inspired this concept was very much an aspirational one. The club is a very prestegious one, with many rooms still charmed with their original design. To appeal to the younger generation of gentlemen coming through the club, the upper management thought it rather pertinent to re-design, from scratch, one of their more important bars. The space was to upload the prestegious feel of the original design and maintain a sense of intimacy whilst also inviting the natural light in. The materials were to complimet the existing andhence the furniture was custom designed to be a modern representation of the originals. We are excited to share more as this project progresses.