Beenleigh Living Village

An integrated vertical residential retirement and aged care community developed for easy access to nearby transport (Transit Orientated Development), retail and community recreational facilities. The economic demographic of the likely resident will require very cost-effective construction in order to meet the market. The design is based on simple modular design elements with maximum repetition and simplicity of form. The project aims to develop an exemplary urban design outcome of high quality architecture tailored to the needs of the resident, context and client.

This residential community is supported by provision of a variety of commercial uses, such as a convenience store, medical centre, retail as well as childcare centre, multiplex cinema and cafe precinct. Private resident facilities are also provided including craft rooms, wellness centre, home theatre, and lounge among others. The character of the built form is designed to sit within the urban setting of Beenleigh Town Centre. A contemporary aesthetic is used, incorporating elements that provide modulation and interest to the repetitive nature of the modular design.

The development is comprised of 450 Independent Living Units located in 3 towers of between 12 & 15 stories. 350 Residential Aged Care rooms are located in two independent facilities, located at the base of two towers on an elevated podium. Each aged care facility is over 3 levels and houses 150 rooms @ 25m² each.