888 Gold Coast – North Star

888 Gold Coast – North Star

Located within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge precinct, the project includes an 11-storey mixed-use medical research and innovation hub for the precinct that aims to advance the treatment of a variety of health conditions and the development of new and emerging technologies across a range of health sectors. A 4 storey podium element grounds the facility within the context and responds to the human scale from the public domain with a further 7 storey tower element that significantly retracts from all boundaries to further reduce the bulk and scale of the built form. Strategic design maximises the efficiency of typical floor plates to create flexible open plans that are easily split into multiple tenancies making the spaces more sustainable for future uses.


The design response elegantly references the familiar design motifs through materiality, form, and texture whilst employing modern design principles and technology to situate itself within the precinct. At street level, a double height awning is supported on slender round columns which partially enclose the external entry plaza on both street frontages. A feature corner treatment, modulated and sculpted to address both street fronts, welcomes visitors with a transparent façade, showcasing the feature helical stair of the tower. This stair has been incorporated as the focal point of the design both visually and conceptually to encourage the use of stairs as the primary method of vertical circulation throughout the building and provides the advantage of naturally ventilating the building. A similar concept has been incorporated into the design of the open stair to the north of the building which provides a place to sit in the sun for short breaks throughout the working day.


Human interaction and communication form some of the core values of the design to facilitate the push for innovation and economic growth. The wide and open stairways, external terraces and lobby lounge areas on each level encourage the use of common areas to create opportunities for interaction and cross-fertilisation of knowledge and ideas – these chance encounters could lead to the beginning of the next medical breakthrough. The permeability of the Building Façade allows people to move in, out and around the building from multiple points into public and semi-public areas located within the public domain.